New Women’s Shirt

It’s short and to the point today as I’m working right up to a deadline, so here’s the latest off the line!

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2 Things: Exhibit and Eco-Printed Shirt

I finished another shirt, a thrift store upcycle.  It’s an all cotton,  Woman’s size 1x. I’ll put it on Etsy soon. Luscious autumn colors with lots of sumac eco-printed on this piece.

REMINDER:  My piece, Shaman’s Dream, will be on exhibit in the Fiber In The Present Tense, starting tomorrow at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown. I’ll be at the artist’s reception on Saturday, September 10th.

Detail of Shaman’s Dream


Hope to see you there!

Eco Printed Shirts

I’ve been frequenting a local Salvation Army store.  Those old coffee pots that make 30 cups are great for heating up water outdoors.  All my crockpots come from there and the many pots, measuring cups and spoons; in fact, that’s where most of my equipment comes from.  Lately, I picked up some men’s shirts and  upcycled them.  Here’s an eco-printed “Boyfriend shirt,” that I just to put on Etsy .Mordanted in alum, soymilk, then alum and calcium carbonate.  It’s soft and dreamy. I think it turned out pretty sweet!

And two more that I’ll be keeping for myself; above, a thick cotton pullover.  Below, I’m posing in a short sleeved T-Shirt; both of these were rusted first and overprinted with leaves.

On the dreamy one above, I used a chalk blanket and on the other two, which printed darker, I used an iron blanket.

This picture was for a Creative Strength Training  prompt project to illustrate ourselves as a tree!  Silly, huh!?

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