Mama Bird

This is my new favorite tool, an electric staple gun for mounting my small works onto canvases. Takes a lot of stress off arthritic joints.

And this little “Mama Bird” is only 8 x 10inches and it is one of bunch of small format textile art pieces that will be for sale at the Melrose Arts Festival  being held on April 29 and 30th at Memorial Hall in Melrose.  Come by my booth and say hi to me!

Nina Marie has some good color theory on this week’s Off The Wall Friday!  Check it out.

#8, Beach House

Attributes of Form, has so far been a series of small format, 10 inch square pieces to explore architectural shapes and lines in fabric collage.

It  incorporates photos that may only hint at or may clearly define a sense of place.

I’m enjoying the process and learning as I go with this series, learning about myself, actually –  my strengths and weaknesses, tendencies and habits, but I’m also learning how to make critical and timely corrections in my work process.

I think I’m starting, after 6 of them, to get the hang of it. Even if they’re also trying to be somewhat formulaic, I’m aware of the tendency so I can catch it before I move on in that direction.  This may be the consequence of thematic limitations – that once you develop a comfortable workflow, the details such as choice of fabrics and such take on a life of their own as the previously rejected materials become fodder for the next piece in line.  In other words, the future piece begins to emerge during the work on the previous piece.   So here, within the process, working in a series and its inherent limitations emerge as a real advantage to the artist.

Although I suspect that “voice” has primarily become a product of art gallery marketing ploys, something of one’s own genuine voice may become more defined, more genuine, perhaps, while working in this method.

Beach House - Copy
Beach House

There are 2 pieces missing from this slide show because I don’t like it or need to work on one more before I call it finished, so there are 6 pieces done so far and there will undoubtedly be more. Don’t forget to check out Nina Marie today!

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