How Obsessive Are You?

As much as I like this, I may never do another like it.  It’s small.  Definitely small for all the detailed embroidery on it.  It took forever and a day. I do find embroidering to be relaxing but unfortunately I can’t sit long without my RLS kicking in so I end up standing even to do embroidery, which is not as relaxing as sitting in the rocker like a Grammy should. In fact, it’s downright obsessive.  And while I have my own brand of OCD, this is not it. For one thing, I don’t like waiting so long for the end result.  I only have a few more stitches to be done with this and then I’ll face it immediately so that it doesn’t end up unfinished for life!

Lush Life wip
Lush Life is almost finished. The main fabric is sunprinted.  The sashing is shibori dyed. 

LL detail

Are you obsessive in your work?  Or, like me, do you prefer to work looser and faster?