Pellon Emulsion Screens

I pulled a new trick out of the box recently – a technique I would never have imagined myself – thanks to Maggi Birchenough on the And Then We Set It On Fire Blog.  You can find explicit directions over there.

Pellon, or in the UK, Vilene, Emulsion Screens actually begin with a soy wax resist on a piece of medium weight interfacing.  That gets painted over with a couple of coats of latex paint.  After that’s thoroughly dried you rub the soy wax out with your fingers under hot water.   Tape that to the back of a silk screen and you have yourself a positive, reusable screen. More endless possibilities!

Soy Wax Emulsion Screen
Soy Wax Emulsion Screen, this has 2 of them printed, one over another.
Soy Wax Emulsion Screen 2. I used this screen to overprint on a previously printed piece of fabric.

Although Maggi warns that you probably want to use this for fairly crisp images,  I thought I’d try out one screen that has a blurred line look and it turns out I like this for some applications. If I wanted a crisper print of the leafy image, I could go back in and paint out all but the leaf itself.

Pellon Screen
Soy wax emulsion screen 3

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