See Differently Challenge 2016 October Gallery Slide Presentation

To wrap up October’s  See Differently 2016 challenge here’s a slide presentation of all 15 of my photos. Hope you enjoy it and I hope you’ll check out those of the other participating photographers. To view all the other images for the challenge, enter our tag #seedifferently2016 into the Word Press Reader.

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In a way, this one is my favorite because I didn’t think they would even notice me from across the street when suddenly one of the girls started waving to me.  It turns out as I was watching them, they started watching me – a good twist on the seeing differently idea!

Smiling Laundress

Thanks Robyn over at Captivate Me for coming up with this challenge idea and for hosting!


Seeing Differently Challenge 2016-Last 5

Alone in the church with no lights on felt a bit like a guilty little kid trespassing as usual. But I never let that stop me before. This time I could take the pictures I wanted to.  I’m usually photographing grandkids and nephews being baptized or making First Communion and weddings.  Not this time.  This time it was a very intimate setting.

Thanks to Robyn G for hosting this challenge on her Captivate Me blog! I did learn a lot from participating, generated a bunch of new shots and as a result came up with some good ideas for a new series!

Seeing Differently 2016, 9 & 10 of 15

The original steeple on this church was damaged in the hurricane of 1938 and was replaced with this structure. This is where I was baptized, made my First Communion, Confirmation, and was married. I went to school right behind it. This is a view from a point of view that looks so different because as a youngster those trees were either not there or too small to obscure the view.after-the-hurricane-j-web

Approaching the main entrance of the church is wide door with a stained glass transom window above it that  reads “Open wide the doors to Christ.”


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