It’s All In The Mordant!

Grab a cuppa Joe and come on in! I can’t possibly talk with you without mine!

You all probably know by now that it’s the process I love so much. In part, that’s because experimenting is a big part of that and surprise and/or serendipity are often the result. I decided to experiment with a different mordanting process that a friend told me about. This time I mordanted cotton in potassium alum acetate and sodium acetate.  I’ve used both of them before but not together. Added to this is some ferrous sulfate and some copper sulfate. Don’t ask me the proportions because I  blew it and will have to figure that out better than I did. After soaking overnight, I saw that I must have made it too strong so there were brownish marks here and there that looked like rust.  Not a big deal to me, but I added more water to my solution for the next batch. Now, I didn’t listen well enough to my friend and forgot that she told me to wait some time before washing. And below are the results of my deaf ear.

Japanese Maple Leaves.before.

Jap. Maples. After.
Above photos: Top, before washing; Below, after washingSumac. before.
Above photos: Top, before washing; Below, after washing

I won’t be washing out  the next rest of this batch for at least 3 weeks now!

Next, I wanted to achieve something extremely textural, so I opted to overprint some that I didn’t think much of (well, also because I’m out of plain white fabric – it’s on order.)

Same batch of mordant with some brown marks.  The bottom one has a huge splotch from the overly strong mordant. I also sprinkled some red seeds from a sumac seed head all over the fabrics.IMGP0074 copy

IMGP0052 copy
Sumac Overprint and detail of it.


Big Sumac

detail Big Sumac.
Big Sumac overprint and detail of it.

These are excellent for textile collage! They’ll act as blenders and they remind me of batiks, that all-over textural print.

My next foray was into the more abstract where I met with some more pleasant surprises. The technique is actually a form of shibori with some folding and clamping.

IMGP0058 copyIMGP0066 copy I love the combination of rust from the metals, which are all tin can lids. of which I now have a growing collection. And here’s a peek at something I’m working on now.

IMGP0239 copy
Embellishing with some hand embroidery at the moment.

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Five Day Art Challenge – 3 Art Quilts

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This is my second day responding to an invitation by Kathy Regier to post on Facebook three images per day for five days and to invite 2 others to participate each day. Yesterday I posted 3 of my prints that are soft block prints.  You can see them at the bottom of this page.

Today, I’m sharing three art quilts that I don’t think I’ve posted before. I haven’t even given them names so I’m open to suggestions. Two of them are new and one of them is in our MA RI SAQA Trunk Show.

In the first one I incorporated some of my deconstructed screen prints from this summer’s efforts along with some of my hand dyed fabric and some commercial fabrics to create an abstract piece that celebrates natural forms within a grid.

9998. web.
No Name Art Quilt 1.

I did the second piece as a lark.  I just felt the need to do some drawing to create some new designs and this is what came of it. I used a variety of fabrics from my own hand printeds to commercial fabrics from my stash.

No Name Art Quilt 2.

And the third is another abstract piece that is part of the trunk show. It was a walk down memory lane, thinking of my grandmother and it includes some old family photos – one of me as an infant and one of the house my grandmother grew up in.



The Only Journey. web.
The Only Journey, MA RI Trunk Show


And yesterday’s post was three block prints, all for the birds!

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