Seeing Things Differently 2

Here’s my second pic for this challenge. It’s a door like all the rest of the doors on the floor but this one caught my eye because there was something colorful on it. So I approached it close up and saw that some small colorful bits of ephemera, perhaps dried flowers with bits of paper were scattered on the ledge.  door-appleton-mills-web

I played with it ab bit in PS to exaggerate the pattern on the door and the texture but left the section of colored bits unaltered except to increase the saturation a tad.         door-appleton-mills-2-web


From Photo To Fiber Art 1

There are so many new ways to use photos in art, fiber art in particular. Recently, I posted a series on my Etsy site that uses my photos in a grid/collage format and can also be seen on the Fire Blog.

My explorations for different ways to use my photos in fiber art have taken a few different avenues.  You’ve been seeing my posts to the One Four Challenge, a blog challenge that’s a forum for learning, teaching, sharing and showing our photographs in four post process edits. After my last edit for the month of January, I proceeded to transform that image into a piece of fiber art that I just finished and faced.

Twilight On Lake Q
Twilight On Lake Q


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