Chilly Days

External forces are upon me.  It’s been pretty chilly working out there this week.  It’s still doable but won’t be soon, so the pressure is on to finish up.  Yesterday I pumped out a lot of steamed fabric that’ll cure for a few days now before I wash and iron it and you get to view it.  These are some of the most recent finishes.

The first group are the wonderful silk that Janice Paine Dawes from Wilde Thistle Gallery tells me is dress weight dupioni.  I love it because it feels so substantial and prints so well.

This is a group of eco-rusted cottons. I’m chomping at the bit to make something with them!  But I’m also still over-printing on some of them.



I’ll leave you with a pic I snapped on a little walk I took when I found that I had arrived for a doctor’s appointment a half hour early that tells the whole story of what’s going on around me!


Nina Marie will give you a good chuckle today so click on over there!

Photo Shoot at Horne Pond, Woburn



Last week I spent a leisurely hour or so taking pictures at Horne Pond in Woburn.  At first glance I thought it was a poor choice for a photo shoot but I managed to find some interesting shots.  It’s way too hot for me to venture out today so I’m spending time on the puter playing with my pics!

Canada Geese  web

DSCN7746.1. web DSCN7751.1.web Mother goose web