A Different Turn

My painting experiments took a different turn away from the scratch paintings that resulted in some completely different looks.  Although this one does have some scratch painting in it, I began to veer off that course here. I thinned some acrylic and some latex paints after watching Jane Davies doing it and just began to drizzle some paint onto the canvas.  This actually looked quite different at a number of stages.  I wish I had photographed it in process because  there’s another pretty good one underneath it. Now I can’t really remember it, except that I really liked it but I couldn’t stop playing around with it just then. Those drizzled paint lines are all underneath the many layers of paint the went over them but the texture of them is still pretty prominent in real life.


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Collage – A Series

One of the prompts in the Creative Strength Collective was simply to do a collage; then another to begin work in a series. So, I began with a picture out of a magazine that I cut out years ago and still had…always loved this door! I just worked pretty much intuitively, although on some level I was aware that it had a lot of feminine/ female imagery going into it and I use both words because some parts are feminine/pretty and some are female/strong or mysterious and/or alluring, suggesting the subject may be a mature woman.

Blue Door

So I cut up that collage to take it forward; yet when it came to the following collage, a child steps up to the plate and begins right away to gather some pretty flowers to bring with her. But two very alert birdies stand watch as she sashays on the paper trail.

In process.

The mood changes swiftly and takes on a hazy sort of glow as if in a dream or a past time/life. And a whole flock of birds travel directly with her. The blue door starts to look more like a memory than a clear inviting door that promises a garden may be behind it and starts to look as if it may be lurking now.  But before she can cross the threshold, she has to step over the beach rocks and the ocean current that runs beneath it. Also, the pretty little things fade away…the delicate flowers simply disappear into the mist and a more solid, single dark flower takes it’s place. Now, mind you, I do not consciously think this as I work.  It’s only afterward that these aspects are actually revealed to me.


See, I thought I was just playing and enjoying the paint party, but I was really sinking into that wet sand…is that what it is?  What do you see?  It may be something completely different!