Nancy Bartach Art Quilts

Nancy Bartach is a California textile artist whose work has shown in two of the recent exhibits that I’ve seen lately.

 Accelerating – Decelerating was shown in the IFA’s “Multiplicities, New Directions in Fiber Exhibit in Warren, RI last month.   This piece draws you right to it with it’s color and light and its lively sense of rhythm.

Accelerating-Decelerating. Nancy Bardach. web.
Accelerating-Decelerating. Nancy Bardach

Dappled was at the Whistler Museum Gallery in the “How Does Your Garden Grow” Exhibit.  Again, that sense of movement and light attracts your eye immediately.  The undulating patterns give it a life of its own.

Dappled. Nancy Bardach
Dappled. Nancy Bardach

It is Friday and I’m hooking up with Nina-Maries Off the Wall Friday.


Multiplicities, New Directions in Fiber

Last night I drove to Warren, RI to see the exhibit at the ICA, Multiplicities, New Directions in Fiber, and it was worth the drive through Boston and Fall River at rush hour!

There was so much to take in! I can’t say that there was anything strikingly new but it was a good representation of what is among the best of contemporary fiber art, with some pieces incorporating unexpected materials.

First, I’ll share with you some of my favorite, not all, because I can’t sit for longer at my computer so I’ll share more later.

Dancing With Shiva.John Cardin. web
Dancing With Shiva, John Cardin












Whispers... Wen Redmond. web. - Copy
   Whispers of the Positive, Wen Redmond
Blackbird On Silk. Kimberly Becker. web
Blackbird On Silk. Kimberly Becker

Betty Busby
Betty Busby

Breakdown). Suzanne Taetsch. web.
Suzanne Taetsch, Breakdown