Day 4, Dyed Fabric

Today dyed fabric is the theme.


This summer I spent quite a bit of time outdoors making much of the fabric I’m using all winter. The first is a “sunprint” printed using Jacquard Solar Fast Dyes and various plants plucked from my yard.

6.22.SF. 2.web.

After taking a class with Kerr Grabowski in August, I came home and had a great time making fabric with deconstructed screen prints using ProChem MX Procion dyes.  This is one of my favorites.   I love these colors and can’t seem to stop using them!

DSP Hosta Leaves and Ferns web

Last year, I did my first batch of “shibori,” a Japanese method of tying and stitching fabric , then immersing it in dye to create distinctive patterns on cloth. I’ve almost used up all of these!   I have about 8 plus quilts in various stages of progress right now.

First Batch Shibori




Days 1, 2 and 3:

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I’m not getting outdoors as much as I wish.  I’m working on a series of art quilts using some of my sun prints and some of my photos,  but I’ve managed to do a little more sun printing scrunched in with other tasks. Trees SSI trans.Neg web

Above is a negative print from a digitally manipulated photo I took in Wakefield. It’s definitely an improvement over my first negative print. I’ll keep trying.

Originally, these types of prints were called cyanotypes or more commonly referred to as blueprints due to the color of the chemical mixture used to develop the negative. If you’re really interested in knowing more about cyanotypes you may want to check out Christopher James’ “The Cyanotype Process.”

Below perhaps you can see that  I’m getting more detail, therefore more interest and texture to my Solar Fast prints! DSCN7669 web 6.22.SF.1. web.6.22.SF. 2.web.6.22. SF. 5.web. Yesterday I bought more Solar Fast since I’ve run out of some colors and I picked up a couple of new ones.

Behind the scenes I’m also experimenting some more with various uses and combinations of digital grounds on silk organza and cotton. And I’m spending some time playing with methods of doing gallery wraps of my art quilts.

If you want to see what some other artists are doing with fiber, I’m linking up with Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday post. Check it out.