Day 4, Dyed Fabric

Today dyed fabric is the theme.


This summer I spent quite a bit of time outdoors making much of the fabric I’m using all winter. The first is a “sunprint” printed using Jacquard Solar Fast Dyes and various plants plucked from my yard.

6.22.SF. 2.web.

After taking a class with Kerr Grabowski in August, I came home and had a great time making fabric with deconstructed screen prints using ProChem MX Procion dyes.  This is one of my favorites.   I love these colors and can’t seem to stop using them!

DSP Hosta Leaves and Ferns web

Last year, I did my first batch of “shibori,” a Japanese method of tying and stitching fabric , then immersing it in dye to create distinctive patterns on cloth. I’ve almost used up all of these!   I have about 8 plus quilts in various stages of progress right now.

First Batch Shibori




Days 1, 2 and 3:

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Shibori, Day 4 & Batiks

Thursday was another good day for outdoor work – no sun but no rain either. Here are a few more pieces I completed while the weather was holding!

Batiks I started last year and didn’t get back to until now! First I did some Blue and some Yellow. Finally, I gave it an Evergreen for the final dunk.
Close up of one Batik

Although I put a few more shibori pieces through an initial dye bath, they aren’t finished so they’re not shown here.

3 color dye bath
Last year I dyed a piece of blue fabric with Chinese Red Dye. I took this and put it in an Evergreen dye bath. I Love this color combo.
3 Color dey bath
This one started out with a Chartreuse dye and Alpine Blue applied directly; then another dunk in Evergreen.

I linked up with yet another creative fiber artist on her “Off The Wall Friday” blogpost:

Shibori, Day 2

 Yesterday’s work produced the desired results!  Last year, at the World Quilt Festival, I purchased some gorgeous, muted natural colored mottled gradated dyed fabric that I loved!  I used every bit of it.  I was after a similar color scheme and I got just what I wanted! I used the pale yellow for the first color and then put it through an Ecru dye bath after various shibori tying and folding processes.



DSCN7137  DSCN7144

Stay tuned for more shibori and more color baths tomorrow!