Summer Silks

Summer Silk 1.web.Summer Silk 2. web.Summer Silk 3. web.

A few summer silks – a refreshing change from cotton!

And some wool gauze scrarves.

Earth Tones Scarves

Next year’s cottons drying after a second soymilk soak.

Soymilk Mordant Drying.web.

Only 2 soaks this time. Then, I can decide what I want for the final mordant. Perhaps a third soy mordant for some of it, although I’m not sure I see a big difference between 2 and 3 soaks. It could be added calcium carbonnate to a final alum soak; never know till I get there!

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October Transformations

I finally finished cleaning up and putting my outdoor studio to bed for the season yesterday. The main working table has a clean piece of cotton and a fresh plastic top stapled on and a new tablecloth covers that. One table was moved to make room for an outdoor Plastic “shed” that previoyusly held my gardening tools but mostly had a lot of junk in it.  It’s now filled to protect powdered dyes, mordants, silk screens and various tools.  Most of my pots and pans are in black plastic bags on a shelving unit that I brought inside as well. I left a couple large pots out so that I can make up a couple batches of tannins today with 2 good weather days forecast.  I’ll keep them in jars in the fridge, ready for next year.  I also have to make up a fresh pot of alum, then a batch of soymilk to mordant a bolt of fabric that will cure over the winter.

This week, I washed out the last of my cotton prints that were curing.  Here’s the last batch of rusted prints:

I love how the rust and iron oxidize and express the transformation of materials and things as they move toward detetiorization, still retaining their character and shape but adding texture and color as they age…just like us.

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I dyed this piece of cotton saxon blue but, not being familiar with this dye yet, I went too light on the amount of dye I used. So, I experimented a bit further cutting off two pieces of the fabric and dipping the first one in half vinegar and half ferrous sulfate; the second piece, I dipped in hot soda ash.  Pretty dramatic difference!


It’s that time of year now when my outdoor work comes to an end.  I have only a few more chores to do before I prepare it to winter over.  So this morning I’ll take a look back to days when I had a special visitor!Robin10 Only a few weeks ago did I realize that one of the trees on the slope beside Lake Quannapowett was a pear tree.  The leaves actually did print with some coaxing.Pear Tree2.D.