New Addition to the Liminal States & Thresholds for Change Series

This whole series is the product of a summer of Eco-Dying and Printing and includes some shibori, some rusting and some indigo dyes. The final details on this one are actually painted on with acrylic paints to expand the photos of the trees from the squares into the spaces above and below.

In the Stillness. web.
In The Stillness. #5 in the series: Liminal States & Thresholds for Change
In the Stillness .web.
Detail, In the Stillness

These trees are from photos I took in my back yard:

Then it was ‘shopped some more, cropped and divided into four sections and printed on fabric as seen in this piece. Sometimes artists have a hard time differentiating between what they know in their heads to how it’s perceived when others look at it.  Fortunately, I belong to a small critique group, now a local Pod of the regional SAQA, North Of Boston, which we call the NOB. From my experience with them I found that one didn’t necessarily “see” what I saw, in what was then just four photos, not necessarily related as one picture;  hence came the painting in of branches to unite the four sections and bring it to a finish!

I think Nina Marie has some exciting plans in the works for the summer:

Off The Wall Friday

Protect What You Are Thankful For

One of my favorite plants in the new dye garden is the Foamflower, Tiarella cordifolia-Family: Saxifrage (Saxifragaceae).  I’ll be adding more varieties in the spring because I really appreciate how well it prints.


Above there are 3 distinct prints of these leaves, one in the center and two on the bottom left.  As you can see, they print well when no other plant does!
Tiarella cordifolia are the top three and bottom left beside the peony leaves to the right. They’re also a reliable printer.

And those lovely Wild Cranesbills! I’m trying to propogate the wild ones that I find into my garden. We’ll see if any of them took well enough to make it through the winter. I pick them from a few places in my own yard and from a couple of sites especially, around Lake Quannapowett.

If you weren’t looking for these wild geraniums, you’d hardly notice them where they grow sparcely. So when I come across them I feel especially lucky!  They always release their pigments!

Then all of the varieties of Acers! Pretty sure this one’s a Red Maple.  On the left The fabric was dyed with Walnut and on the right with Oak Gall. On cotton, alum, soy, alum and dipped in ferrous sulfate.

This was not the best year for me printing with maples.  They frequently didn’t print at all, perhaps due to the drought here.  But all of a sudden, I found that some from my own yard were printing pretty well, so here’s the proof – you never know!

Need I say, I’m very thankful for all the leaves that bestow their pigments on my cloth!

Linking up with Nina’s Off The Wall Friday!  Happy holidays to all! Those things that we are grateful for have become all the more precious for many of us now! Let’s protect them and celebrate them.

“Walk Into a Forest, Breathe Deeply…”

From an article by Nancy Rose, Editor of Arnoldia


Wrapping It Up

Wrapping up the week here and making progress at wrapping up my outdoor studio work.  I culled through all the eco prints, pulling out everything I want to overprint, as well as some new fabric and mordanted everything.  Since most of it is cotton and linen, that took some doing with the soymilk process but it’s finally done!

I’m pretty pleased with these last batches of silk.  I’ve come a long way since my first efforts last year about this time. There is still a lot to learn, of course.

I find it so hard to let go of summer/early autumn and working outdoors but the chill is pushing me in. I can stop routinely making new prints now  and I’ve already begun to slow down and only make new prints as needed or when I need to just change up what I’m doing. It’s time to get into the sewing room and turn out some new textile art, which I have already begun to do. I have a four or five pieces in the works now and I’m wrapping up a couple of those too!


As I sit here writing, this is what I see out the upper part of my window above the curtain and below the valance.  It struck me that one of the last pieces I’ve done is in a similar color scheme, so I poked out and took a shot to share with you!


See you later!  Thanks for the visit! Linking up with Nina!