A Ship Is Wrecking

WordPress Photo Challenge: Delta –  This week, share a photograph that signifies transitions and change to you. It can be the very beginning of a phase, or the very end. As you pick up your lens, explore the ways in which a single photograph can express time, while only showing us a small portion of any given moment.

Slipped beside a stand

of lush vine entangled trees

a ship is wrecking.

Time Passing




This is Finishing Up Week

Photographs are an integral component of this and so many of my textile art collages. The bad news is that I can’t possibly afford the kind of camera I’d love to have.  The good news is that that’s not as critical as it once was.  With so much new technology in the field, new apps and digital software you can do nicely with some, especially for printing on fiber.  I did finally get Lightroom to supplement Adobe Photoshop and so now I’m taking a Lightroom Essentials class with Kim Klassen to learn it. We haven’t actually started the developing mode yet but this is the first pic I did in LR. I’m pretty sure I used one of Kim’s presets for this but I didn’t save it and so I’m not sure.

le1  I love Japanese maple leaves and, of course, these were the inspiration for my most recently finished piece but as yet unnamed piece, although I like Wen’s suggestion “The Water Runs Toward Me,” born under the water sign as I am.


This is an eco-print as I’m sure you already know, but I did make the applique pieces for the leaves and the bottom half of the water and I used paint on those.


Good stuff today over on Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday !

The Hidden Order 5

Some times you just run into people who are quite special.  I found Clara Narley to be not only a warm,

friendly and gracious young woman, but  also quite a gifted artist.  I wish she didn’t live so far from me.

Her first value studies are all pretty crisp and hard edged but within a couple of days and some exploratory

endeavors, her work became softer and quite rounded.

Clara's HappyClara 1.

The influence of Arthur Dove is, once again, readily apparent in the drawings below.

“Rather than try faithfully reproducing elements of nature, Dove stove as a painter to capture its spiritual aspects, bringing attention to those movements and lifecycles beyond the human eye. The heart of Dove’s artistic philosophy was the articulation of “essences” that would transmit this sense of the spiritual in nature. These “essences” were biomorphic shapes that represented different kinds of energy or organic evolution, suggesting an inner principle of inherent reality. In this work [Nature Symbolized No, 2 (1911)], curvilinear forms and shades of green relate a sense of growth and also, movements in nature, evoking the sensation of greenery being rustled by the wind. His early abstractions, especially the large pastel paintings on linen such as this work, are part of his effort to capture these transitory effects.”  See more here

DSCN1851 copy.web








Clara's Drawing.

  Clara's wip web

Clara has her own blog where she posted all about her experiences here and posted more pictures of her work – check it out here.

She’s definitely someone to watch!

I’m also linking up with Nina Marie for Off The Wall Friday!

And the last blog in this series will be the next one.