On Cubism

Lesson 3 in Pam’s class has been all about Cubism…not as easy as one would think! I’ve always loved looking at cubist paintings – some of my old faves are of this genre: George Braque’s, Musical Instruments which you can see at


and Marc Chagall’s,  I And The Village which can be seen here:


Now, here’s mine, a work in progress, not yet sewn together, compositionally flawed as it is (it’s a lesson, not a masterpiece!

Janis. Final Lesson 3 Cubist Comp

I think I’ll go back to this piece to make a few changes after this class is over.


All I know?

This one just popped from a seed into bloom in fabric. The flowers were the classwork but the rest just wanted to come to life.  That’s all I know.

Lesson 2 quilt web

Sparkling Water

Once again, I’m taking a class with Pam Allen.  Here’s a little quilt I did,  about 10″ X 11″ based on a photo from a building at the MBL in Woods Hole that Andy took on a gorgeous summer morning a couple years ago.

Lesson 1 C  copy

It’s a study using the color palette used by Van Gogh in one of his Olive Tree paintings. Although it is the same palette, it’s a bit more vibrant than the more muted tones he used.  The water just seemed to sparkle and it became pretty much the focal point here.