One Four Challenge, Week 3

It’s time to show you the third digitally processed photo of the One Four Challenge hosted by Australia’s Robyn Gosby on her Captivate Me blog.

First, when I look at others’ blogs I like seeing the progressions, so here’s what I’ve done leading up to today’s pic.

BB. Three Week Progression. web.
Three Week Progression. Left, original photo, Center, Week 1, Right, Week 2.

When I woke up at 4AM this was not the one I had ready, but I decided I needed to try again before posting, so….today’s a two for one, as I couldn’t decide between the 2 crops or the color saturation levels. Perhaps some of you have a preference clearer than my own.


W.3.3.B  W.3.3.A.


I went back to Week 2 without the crop and removed the sky that was there along with the building in the upper portion as suggested by Ben Rowe. I recreated a new sky and painted a small section that was whited out.

I Iayered the two images and adjusted the darks and lights in different areas with the curves function of PS, increase gamma and offset lightly while increasing exposure just a bit and gained a much clearer image. After tweaking the colors (also as Ben suggested) I was done…well…

I wanted to see it in greyscale so I removed the color saturation. Funny thing, in this version there was an apparent difference between the sky and the rest of the picture so I overwrote it with a sepia tone and that appeared just fine to my eye..more unified.

In this mode, I was also not liking the crop so much so I got a little more aggressive with the cropping.  Four hours later…done!

I’m somewhat surprised that, at this point in the challenge, I have no radically different images as I’m ordinarily inclined to do.  (Nor that I haven’t done them – I couldn’t help myself, but I didn’t include them here.) Why? Because what I’ve learned most of all is that there’s much more to do in the first stages of editing than I thought about before.  I’m learning from all of you and I love it!

Thanks Robyn for providing us with the opportunity and to all the players who have been participating and sharing all your knowledge and techniques!