From Canada They Came

The third in the series, “Au Naturale”From Canada They Came:

From Canada They Came. 115

Originally these geese came from Canada (as well as all my ancestors) but I found them at Horne Pond in Woburn, MA more than willing to pose.  Besides my photos, the collage includes various hand printed and dyed fabrics. My hope is that I spread around some of the joy of nature that’s all around us, along with my love of pattern and design.



Shibori, Day 4 & Batiks

Thursday was another good day for outdoor work – no sun but no rain either. Here are a few more pieces I completed while the weather was holding!

Batiks I started last year and didn’t get back to until now! First I did some Blue and some Yellow. Finally, I gave it an Evergreen for the final dunk.
Close up of one Batik

Although I put a few more shibori pieces through an initial dye bath, they aren’t finished so they’re not shown here.

3 color dye bath
Last year I dyed a piece of blue fabric with Chinese Red Dye. I took this and put it in an Evergreen dye bath. I Love this color combo.
3 Color dey bath
This one started out with a Chartreuse dye and Alpine Blue applied directly; then another dunk in Evergreen.

I linked up with yet another creative fiber artist on her “Off The Wall Friday” blogpost: