#10. Golden Days

Some of the embellishments show here as white but they are actually silver.  I really like the Asian feel to it, although it’s more of an insinuation than a fact.  The building on the far right is made of some antique silk remnant and on the far left resembles a pagoda shape.  Some of the fabrics are photos, some are printed and some are commercial.  The border fabric is eco-pinted. This is a 12″ inch square piece, a little bigger than the previous ones in this series.

Golden Days 10.




Cotton Candy Town

Cotton Candy Town .web. pg
Cotton Candy Town

I can’t even remember the last time I bought commercial fabric other than white, and still, in my effort to use what I have, I still have no trouble finding fabric that works for me. I dye, print or paint most of what I use but this one’s all commercial, except for the confetti pieces – who knows what’s in those! I’ve been making up sheets of those to cut out/up when needed.The sure do add significantly to the texture of a piece.

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