#10. Golden Days

Some of the embellishments show here as white but they are actually silver.  I really like the Asian feel to it, although it’s more of an insinuation than a fact.  The building on the far right is made of some antique silk remnant and on the far left resembles a pagoda shape.  Some of the fabrics are photos, some are printed and some are commercial.  The border fabric is eco-pinted. This is a 12″ inch square piece, a little bigger than the previous ones in this series.

Golden Days 10.





Arting My Way Out Of The Trump Funk!

After All

After all was said and done, I named this 10 inch textile collage After All. It’s from my stash of deconstructive screen prints.  I still have so many I didn’t make any new fabrics with MX Procion dyes this season.  Most of the contents of my outdoor studio is finally, mostly, tucked away in the cellar to await another Spring, Summer and Fall. We left the structure up and now we’ll see if it stays up for a New England winter!

The top right piece of cloth was made with paint and charcoal which I had to heavily spray with Krylon Matte Acrylic. It’s a leftover piece from my Ellipse series. Although you can’t really see it here, there’s a lot of stitching on this baby. Great joyous autumn colors too. I’m letting my art help to bring me out of the Trump funk!

Thanks for coming by!