WWC – The Road Taken/Surprise!

The theme of the week: Show us something that surprised or delighted you on “the road taken.”

It was a lovely day in Boston, still early summer of 2015 and everyone was out and glad to be enjoying the great weather. The Janet Echelman installation on the Greenway was showing and it was wonderful to see.  I was in my own little bubble taking pictures when suddenly I was photo bombed by a young woman I did not know and it took me quite by surprise!  She was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing!  I never even got her name but she made my day even better than it already was!

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What A Blast!

The Melrose Arts Festival was a wonderful event all around!  I had so much fun – the best art in one place, incredible people and great music! It was the first time I’ve done a booth in many years and the first time with my textile art ever and the feedback I received was truly encouraging (ego boosting), not to mention the satisfaction of selling!  I’m so glad I got to meet other artists and  who live in my area and all the wonderful people of this community who came by my booth and chatted with me.I certainly hope to do this event again next year!

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PS:  In my complete state of preoccupation preparing for this event, I forgot to post the FIRST FRIDAY blogpost!  I’m so sorry, but stand by for it.  I’ll post it tomorrow!


I’ve been trying to tie up all the loose ends for doing the booth at the Melrose Arts Festival at the end of the month, but meanwhile I finished a mixed media painting a started awhile ago.