#6, Blue Sky Reflections

Blue Sky Reflections is # 6 in the series, Attributes of Form. It was informed primarily by one day on the Rose Kennedy Greenway with all the sunny day reflections of the very blue sky on all of the buildings.

Blue Sky Reflections

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WWC – The Road Taken/Surprise!

The theme of the week: Show us something that surprised or delighted you on “the road taken.”

It was a lovely day in Boston, still early summer of 2015 and everyone was out and glad to be enjoying the great weather. The Janet Echelman installation on the Greenway was showing and it was wonderful to see.  I was in my own little bubble taking pictures when suddenly I was photo bombed by a young woman I did not know and it took me quite by surprise!  She was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing!  I never even got her name but she made my day even better than it already was!

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One Four Challenge

I’m joining in on the One Four Challenge on Robyn G’s blog.  Although I’m entering late, it’ll be a fun photo task and I’ll catch right up. I’m not in the same league as m,any of these folks with great cameras and lenses, but I’m sure there are others with simple point and shoot digitals like my Nikon COOLPIX L110.

Here’s my original photo taken in June a block or so away from the Tufts Medical Center.



For Week One,  I’ve zoomed in on the top right section for the first crop, a wide swath of modern brick and mortar architecture. The lines of spare undecorated, inset windows is striking, almost hypnotic in an otherwise chaotic inner city bustle. Cropped as it is, it appears solid and calm – monotonous, yet strong and self assured in its own skin.

I did sharpen it up and  I pulled back a bit on the contrast, which I think heightens the flow of the curving line of the reflective glass panes. Then I perked it up with a film grain filter in PS.

.Boston Brick. film grain