Gardening Goodies

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.” Algernon Charles Swinburnethe If you’re interested in learning more about native plant gardening, I have some interesting links for you this week! Grow Native Massachusetts presents Evenings With Experts, A Free Public Lecture Series and this week it will be tomorrow evening, Wednesday, April 28 | 7:00 – 8:30pm… Read more “Gardening Goodies”

Spring Begins

It’s always hard to resist going out to the garden to clean up when Spring is in the air but it’s best if you hold on awhile. To begin with, we should wait until we’ve had 5 days and nights in a row around or more than 50 degrees. Plants are still vulnerable to a… Read more “Spring Begins”

Blogging Challenge

This looks like a good way to test out my new skills to see if I can get this right! Writing My Life has a challenge posted and I’ll attempt to join in and see if I know how to pot it on the Blogging For Beginners site without publishing it to my actual blog.… Read more “Blogging Challenge”

SAQA Benefit Auction Starts Tomorrow!

It’s that time of year! SAQA Benefit Auction Starts tomorrow!           There’s a new format for viewing and bidding this year so you may want to check out the Frequently Asked Questions.    

SAQA Alphabet Slideshow, A to Z

It’s been pretty hard for a lot of artists to feel motivated to make art during this pandemic so SAQA challenged us to get into gear with a letter challenge. Here’s mine. Just click through the alphabet!

Alphabet Book Part 1

We’ve been having a Letter Challenge going on at the SAQA site, so I’m creating an alphabet book with mine. Lots of A shapes here in this seaside architectural marvel. I took this foggy evening photo while moored in front of it. I made and batiked this shirt when I was about 19 years old.… Read more “Alphabet Book Part 1”


Quickly, the sky turned very dark and the wind picked up. I went to the back door and peered out. Thunder sounded ominously and the wind began to whip leaves at the house and there it was – CRACK! It was so loud I jumped back away from the door. I knew lightening had hit… Read more “CRACK!!!”

Summer Bounty 2020

Hello All!  There won’t be any radical changes in any of my gardens this year. Arthritis and age is cracking its whip on my body seriously limiting what I can physically do. I’ve stayed away from doctors and hospitals during this pandemic but I’ve headed back to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and soon will have… Read more “Summer Bounty 2020”

Face Masks Continue to Adapt

I’ve been experimenting some and continuing on a learning curve in this whole process of face mask making. Your comments and evaluations on the following research article article are welcome. I refer you to this article that’s well worth reading: “Electrostatic interactions are commonly observed in various natural and synthetic fabrics.(36,37) For instance, polyester woven… Read more “Face Masks Continue to Adapt”

Pray a Little…

I’ve been immersed in making face masks for my family for a week or so and posting some of them on Facebook. Here’s a pic of my DIL Melanie, who stepped in as a model when my grandkids were asleep…thanks Mel! Mostly, I’ve been using some of my not too scrawny scrap stash and have… Read more “Pray a Little…”

At The Loading Dock!

The Artist Reception at The Loading Dock on Western Ave. in Lowell yesterday was a really pleasant event! It was well attended with friendly, interested people who truly appreciated our offerings. As you can see, we had some stunning works of art to show! The exhibit will be at the Loading Dock Wednesdays through Saturdays,… Read more “At The Loading Dock!”

A Brief Peek

Hello to anyone still hanging in there with me. It’s been awhile since my last post and this will be brief. I’ve finally started work on a new piece with a March deadline for an exhibit you’ll be hearing more about. It’s been through all of the regular stages of beginning with 1.) I know… Read more “A Brief Peek”


It’s amazing how much time one can spend looking after oneself! Doctors, dentists, rest and sleep – geesh – it just flies! Well, I have been working on some pieces and here’s one single clip to prove it. So much drying time in between layers is exasperating, but slowly, it IS coming together. Will post… Read more “Slowly…”

Another Journey Shared

Hello there! This comment today lit a fire under me to write today’s post: AnnIsikArts commented on Doucette_Liminal State. Liminal State. 31 x 40″ Eco printed, painted, fused, appliqued; calligraphy. Cotton. $1000. I like this a lot Janis. The doorway – two posts and a lintel. And the poetry running across the top. I read “… uplifted… Read more “Another Journey Shared”

Textures Exhibit at PAC

It just occurred to me that I missed posting this piece here! So, while there’s still time to catch it, you can see Dream Dispersed at the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative! The Pawtucket Arts Collaborative is located at 560 Mineral Spring Avenue 1st floor in the Lorraine Mills Arts/Business complex in Pawtucket RI. The Textures Exhibition… Read more “Textures Exhibit at PAC”

So Much Going On!

On Tuesday night, I gave a presentation and talk at the Nimble Thimblers Quilt Guild and I think we all had a great time. These gals are a friendly bunch and were loaded up with great questions and lots of enthusiasm! I slept for a day and a half afterwards! The following day, our SAQA… Read more “So Much Going On!”

Wen Redmond Collection

Ayer’s Loft in Lowell, MA, just kitty corner to the NEQM, is the perfect small and intimate exhibit space. Wen Redmond is showing a new collection of mixed media photo collage that is superb! It’a a fine showing of the rewards of a fine artist’s eye executed with fine-honed excellence in craftsmanship. Without further ado,… Read more “Wen Redmond Collection”