Artists Book Collaboration Update

HeaderHere are some of my pages sent to the other member s of our ABC.  I still have  more to make.  These are each 10 x 10 inch pieces, actually meant to be alternately in a book or hung on a wall.  Some did a theme for all their pages but, as you can see,  I was somewhat scatterd in my approach, unified only in that each piece was, to some extent, it was a WIP, known to quilters as a Work In Progress.

For Martha’s, Gently On The Rocks, I took something I had begun and not finished – a photograph of rocks that I overpainted.  I then stitched them with free motion stitching.  Since thiose were beach rocks, I added beach scenes with more rocks.

Gently On the Rocks
Gently On The Rocks for Martha Ginn

In Town was another already started and set aside.  Then I got to printing a sheet of stamp sized abstract shapes that I had carved and then painted and I suddenly thought of adding them to this piece.

20170519_173713 copy
In Town for Carol Jones Frank

For Gabrielle I had already made a piece that began at a regional SAQA meeting using some circular thermafaxes that I think were Sue Bliewiess’ and some of my own images. But then I added a painted black edge to it with gold edging which doesn’t show up here.

Walking Around In Circles. for Gabriele
Walking Around In Circles for Gabrielle Di Tota

For Nanette Zeller’s I started with some gelatin prints I ‘ve been wondering what to do with.  I collaged more of my own images along with a snazzy piece on the bottom right which I received quite a few years ago in another artist swap and I don’t even remember who did it (the piece with beads on it.)

Equinox for Nanette.
Equinox for Nanette Zeller

The most recent also began as a deconstructed screen print I’ve been eyeing for months.  After staring at it for quite awhile now, I suddenly decided to free motion stitch the whole thing and I ended up loving it, and, BTW,  so does she. It is , however, the worst photoi I think I ever took! Sorry!For Leni copyNext time I’ll show you the rest!

Meanwhile let’s go see what Nina Marie is doing today!


Sunrise in Nicaragua

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

Sunrise is such a transient event only lasting mere moments, or sometimes only seconds.

Sunrise in Nicaragua
Sunrise In Nicaragua, 1982

In 1982 I travelled to Nicaragua with the North American Brigade to protest our US anti-Contra war and blockade against the Sandinistas. I just found a good, brief piece about this period in our history here, if you’re interested in knowing more.

The time there for us was fleeting and our influence not quite what we aimed for, but the memories of the people and the land and the politics – the relationships that may have been experienced for just a blip in time, have had lasting lessons and deeply felt beliefs, not to mention long-held memories of certain people that we would love and wish the best for, for a lifetime.

Here’s one of a much younger me with one of those young men (a boy really) who I think about still and hope his life has been a good one. My own sons at the time were just a little older than he was and planning on going into the military.  If my boys were to be deployed there, I wanteed to know for myself what was going on there. After this trip, I sure as hell didn’t want my sons shooting at this child-army.  Thankfully, they never had to.

img658 copy 3A.
Jorge and Me

My Summer Mantra

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,                               Courage to change the things I can,                                                                                             And wisdom to know the difference.”

That’s my mantra for the summer! So many things outside of my control but I can’t let it frustrate me.  I’m going with the flow!

I was hoping to teach a class or two this summer but I can’t get the ground underneath my “Big Tent” levelled so I can’t work out there yet.  Last year I did quite a bit of damage to my ankles working on an unlevel floor.  I won’t do that again because the damage isn’t going away. I now have to wear serious supports all the time now and my mobility is significantly less than what it was.  I have to accept that when you have both forms of arthritis, it just ain’t going to be easy.

Fortunately, I still have an ample supply of dyed and printed fabric to work with so it’s not disaster.  And I AM going to the Quilting By The Lake Workshop to take a class with Kerr Grabowski that I’m so looking forward to!  That will generate lots of new ideas for what else I can do with some of these pieces I already have on hand and it will get me making some new stuff when I come home.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my computer these days.  I have to change course now, though, and get outdoors more.  I have some herbs and some summer squash to get in the ground.  Billy has all the tomatoes in.  This year they’re all the indeterminate types started by our “honey” guy – the beekeeper that keeps us stocked up.

Do any of you have those new attachable lenses for your cell phone cameras?  I got one with macro and fisheye lenses and I’ve been playing with it.  Maybe I need more practice and maybe they’re not what they should be.  I dunno! Here’s some of the results of my experiments with them. These are the good ones.

These…not so much!  LOL!

Let me know if you’re happy with yours.  I’ll be practicing more!

Let’s go see what happening over at Off The Wall Friday!