WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:                                                                                         Ooh, Shiny!  Diversions, distractions, and delightful detours.

Capturing flowers and plants that are native to my state of Massachusetts has captured me! My effort to learn this field has been my main distraction these days! These shots were taken at Garden In the Woods in Framingham, MA, a great place to visit for MA residents or visitors alike.

Alabama Crimson trumpet honeysucle 2 CAlabama Crimson trumpet honeysuckle. signage

Tip Day, Etc.

I’m often asked how I choose my colors.  Personally, I use a number of different methods to decide on a color schemes and, although I usually just decide as I go along, I found this to be helpful at times.

Years ago I started to hook up with Kathy Anne White and today she has a lot of good videos on Youtube, including some new inKaid products for transferring images.

This is a new product worth checking out.  It was recommended by one of my classmates at QBL and since all of the staid and reliable transfer methods we used in the past are terrible now that they’ve removed a substance from the ingredients list and it’s no longer available, I’m ordering some now.

How to move a Monarch chrysalis:

Now that summner is on the wane and I’ve missed a whole dyeing and printing season because of the dips and valleys in my dirt floor under my tent, I can tell you that I am making progress! I levelled off the floor which turned out to be really easy but because it was still very soft.  My son, Dennis, sent me some young men with a compactor which really did the trick packing it down really well.


The next step may begin today!  The same guy who removed all the trees from our yard will be laying down a wood floor over this!  I even power washed the tent inside and out, as well as the back deck and side of the house and did the front the next day!

With all this extra time, my gardens are expanding and thriving!

In the top left photo, I cleared another patch and planted a seed bed with milkweed, wild strawberry and blue lobelia.

Maine Native Seeds