SAQA Auction is here again!

The 2017 SAQA Benefit Auction will take place from September 15 through October 8. This is your chance to own beautiful and unique art quilts made by SAQA members around the world – 368 pieces are available for bidding! For details, visit

If you’re looking for my piece you can find it here in section 3.  There are so many excellent pieces of art to choose from!


Eco Prints – the process.

It’s been so good to be back in my outdoor studio producing more dyed and printed fabric! I’m glorying in it as long as I can.  Hurricanes blow away from here!

This eco print is on a section of an old linen tablecloth I received from Freecycle. It was mordanted with alum and soy last October!  I added a new soak in aluminum acetate.  I soaked the leaves in either ferrous sulfate, calcium carbonate or copper water; sprayed the whole cloth down with vinegar water and used a calcium carbonnate carrier cloth.

20170903_161124.3 copy
20170903_161347.5. copy

I folded it three times and rolled it onto a large “log” of tin cans wrapped together and simmered it for almost 2 hours.  Ordinarily, I would have kept it in a little longer because it’s a little thick and a large piece ( it steamed for 1 hour and 55 minutes), but I neededto cut the time it a bit short and it’s just fine. This is still curing so it hasn’t yet been washed or ironed.20170903_161853.6. copy

Sometimes it’s fabulous to have a cloth that is light in fair sized areas because it leaves you room to work into it in any number of creative ways.

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