One Four Challenge. January. Week 3

Been juggling numerous projects this week and somehow didn’t keep track of what I did. All I can tell you for sue is that it involves a couple of layers, and that I wanted it to look very different from the previous 2 weeks.

Lake Q Twilight.Week 3.
Lake Q Twilight.Week 3.


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If you want to see other participants in this challenge go to Robyn’s Captivate Me Blog.


18 Replies to “One Four Challenge. January. Week 3”

  1. I really like this Janis!!
    The use of such pure colour and ‘almost’ complimentaries makes this pop.
    Simple (and yet not for you as the creator), clean and very appealing!! 😃😃


  2. I see the embossing and you totally achieved your aim. I admit these really bright in your face colours are not my personal preference but the point of the challenge is to experiment, and you totally won there 🙂


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