Day 3 of 5 Day Art Challenge

Today, I’ve chosen 3 of my own personal favorite art quilts, allquite different from one another.  The first, Across The Pond, is one of my recent pieces which was begun in a class by a wonderful artist and teacher, Elizabeth Barton. It’s based on some photos of the Marine Laboratories in Woods Hole, taken by Andy Sexton. Perhaps more planned than most of my work but I learned so much in the making of it. I actually did this after the class because I had to get home to dye all the fabric to make it.

Across The Pond. web.
Across The Pond

The next is a digital printout of sections of a watercolor I did, then appliqued the pieces onto a fabric backdrop, then quilted it. It reminds me of early days in San Francisco hanging out drinking espresso, usually laced with good stuff, with good friends.


Espresso . web.

Tea For Two was one of my first art quilts made in 2012. It hangs in my kitchen.


Tea For Two small
Tea For Two

Day 1, 2 and 3:

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Five Day Art Challenge – 3 Art Quilts

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This is my second day responding to an invitation by Kathy Regier to post on Facebook three images per day for five days and to invite 2 others to participate each day. Yesterday I posted 3 of my prints that are soft block prints.  You can see them at the bottom of this page.

Today, I’m sharing three art quilts that I don’t think I’ve posted before. I haven’t even given them names so I’m open to suggestions. Two of them are new and one of them is in our MA RI SAQA Trunk Show.

In the first one I incorporated some of my deconstructed screen prints from this summer’s efforts along with some of my hand dyed fabric and some commercial fabrics to create an abstract piece that celebrates natural forms within a grid.

9998. web.
No Name Art Quilt 1.

I did the second piece as a lark.  I just felt the need to do some drawing to create some new designs and this is what came of it. I used a variety of fabrics from my own hand printeds to commercial fabrics from my stash.

No Name Art Quilt 2.

And the third is another abstract piece that is part of the trunk show. It was a walk down memory lane, thinking of my grandmother and it includes some old family photos – one of me as an infant and one of the house my grandmother grew up in.



The Only Journey. web.
The Only Journey, MA RI Trunk Show


And yesterday’s post was three block prints, all for the birds!

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