American Textile Roots

It’s quite special to see these historic artifacts in person, dye colors still so vibrant,

each piece so well crafted and respectfully preserved at Fruitland in Harvard, MA.

Click on each picture to see the details.

Sioux Eagle Feather Bonnet web
Eagle feather Bonnet, Northern Plains Sioux, c. 1920
Sioux Cradle Cover . web. y
Elk Looking Cradle Cover, Yanktonai Pabasca Sioux, 19th Century

Round Basket . web

DSCN9270 web

octopus bag
Octopus Bag, Woodlands, Athabascan, c. 1900
Lakota Shields .web.
Lakota Shields, Yanktonai Sioux, 1931-32
Longhouse. web
Reconstructed Longhouse

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